Roller Coaster

These last couple of weeks have been quite the ride. 

Hondo was back at the vet hospital for four days this week after having an adverse reaction to the medication used to treat his IMHA.  The doctors were able to evaluate the dosage and the types of medication to reduce the side effects and Hondo came home again yesterday.  He’s 15 lbs lighter and very, very skinny, but he’s home.  He’s also full of beans.

The vet said to keep Hondo quiet and to ensure he gets lots of rest, but I’m beginning to suspect this bit of advice was given with a healthy dose of realism.  Keep a newly energized police dog, especially one that has been confined to a small pen for two weeks, quiet?  Ha!  Easier said than done! 

Hondo kept me up until 0200 hrs this morning – first he was barking in his outdoor kennel and no amount of shushing would quiet him.  Not wanting the neighbours to get upset I brought the big guy inside, where he proceeded to pace the house and ignore his usual spot in front of the fireplace.  The harder I tried to fall asleep the louder the tinkle of his collar and the click of his nails on the hardwood became.  Then, when I exited my bedroom in the dark to find out what he was up to, I promptly tripped over him. He had made himself quite comfortable by sprawling out across the floor right in front of the bedroom door. 

Black dog + middle of the night darkness = one thundering crash as owner tries not to fly headfirst into the adjoining wall.  I swear that dog laughed at me.

Which brings me to the next point of this post – we are going away on a vacation.  I was very close to enacting the trip cancellation portion of my travel insurance because of Hondo’s illness, but as he’s on the turn-around that will not be needed.  Besides, Hondo will be living the good life at my friend’s house while we’re away. 

Two weeks in Europe.  On an adventure of sorts, to a country we’ve never visited, to be reaquainted with family I haven’t seen in the flesh since I was a toddler.  I’ll fill you in on the WHERE when we get back….can’t be too careful these days. 

As for posting?  I’m not sure how easy it will be to gain access to the Internet and hopefully I’m too busy exploring to give the computer a second thought.  But if I find myself inside an internet cafe (if they even exist where we are headed), I’ll take a moment to make a quick post and approve comments.

Until then, have a very good next couple of weeks, and don’t forget to take a look at the new ‘poll’ feature at the bottom of the right hand side bar, “Who are you?”

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