When the Boys Get Compromised

My muse has never been one to flee in times of conflict, adversity or uncertaintainty so it’s obvious the stress of the last couple of weeks has been a bit much.  Today I decided ‘no more’ and demanded my muse make a reappearance.  Thankfully she obliged and we were able to settle on a story that registers high in entertainment value and even higher when it comes to showing what mind set is all about.

In the months leading up to my assignment to the K9 section I worked in patrol.  My regular partner was street smart, intelligent, tactical and funny. Looking back, we learned a lot from one another and I’m of the firm belief all good partnerships should be based on a solid friendship. 

This particular partner and I had a fairly set routine.  Go to the squad briefing, get our car and radios, organize our gear, head out on the road, grab a coffee and hopefully grab a good call.  If the radio was hopping it boded well for a busy night, and sometimes the java-to-go was the only reprieve we would see all shift.

One night we headed to our regular coffee shop and were walking back to the car with steaming cups in hand when the call came in.  A man with a gun, in a gravel lot near a busy intersection, shooting at something just out of the witness’s view.  The call taker could hear the shots over the phone, so we knew the gun was real as bbguns typically don’t make much racket.

We got to our car in a flat out sprint and I dropped my coffee into the single cup holder.  My partner dumped his coffee on the sidewalk and barely had time to get his door closed before I put the car in gear and sped off.  As we raced to the scene a single officer broadcast that he was challenging the suspect at gunpoint.  The shooting had stopped, for the moment, but tension was high as the suspect refused to drop his weapon.

We were the next to arrive and I carved the squad car into a tight circle to better afford us and the single officer a position of cover.  At this point, my partner let out a yell.  He had done this before, given a ‘war cry’, but his timing in this case was brutal and the attached high note resulted in me filing the incident away for later discussion.

A short time later the suspect was lying on the gravel, his hands cuffed behind his back, his .9mm handgun unloaded and on the hood of our car.  The gun was real, the single magazine partially empty.  There was a home made target on the far cinder block wall.  Half a dozen holes had ripped through the paper and an equal number of bullet casings were scattered on the ground near the now prone suspect.

The suspect, who was not the most intelligent person I have ever had the opportunity to speak with, purchased the gun on the black market and wanted to see how his marksmanship skills were.  Instead of going to a remote location as would be expected if in possession of an illegally acquired hand gun, this twit decided an empty lot near the epicenter of Vancouver would suffice just fine.  Does this qualify him for a nomination into the Darwin Awards?  I think it might.

The suspect was carted off to jail.  His gun was bagged and tagged.  The scene was secure, no one was hurt.

Actually, let me clarify that.  My partner suffered a minor injury on the way to the call. It seems my coffee cup tipped when I pulled the car into that tight little circle and spilled its excruciatingly hot liquid down the side of my partners leg and across his groin.  Thus, the high pitched yell.  He showed me the side of his leg where the skin had turned a bright pink.  Ouch.

He gingerly sat back in our car, complaining that his ‘boys’ had been parboiled.  Judging by the burn mark on his leg I suspected his twins were in some amount of pain. I drove him back to the station so he could take inventory as to his future ability to father children, and I’m proud to say I held off with any laughter until he limped off to the locker room.

So even though this story has a bit of humour it illustrates the mind set of a person intent on surviving a call.  Even though subjected to a sudden and very nasty jolt to his nether regions, my partner was able to stay on task, deal with a potentially deadly encounter, and see the incident through to a successful conclusion.

Now THAT, my friends, is what I call warrior mind set.


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