Go Canada Go!

As we head in to the final weekend of the Olympics, I can not help but feel full of Canadian pride. 

As a country we have done so well – from Joannie Rochette with her inspirational bronze medal performance less than a week after her mother suddenly passed away, to the women’s hockey victory with bringing home the gold (personally, I think it’s pretty cool the hockey team celebrated on the ice with a couple of cold ones).  The Ice Dance left me breathtakingly speechless, and I was a bit teary when Alexendre Bilodeau took the podium for our first Gold.  All the other medals leave me in awe of our athletes.  Way to go Canada!

I’m a snowboarder so I can appreciate how insane those runs were – I would not willingly submit myself to the same course.  After watching the bobsledding I thought that would be the uber-cool sport to train for – kind of like driving a police car Code Three but with a much smaller ‘vehicle’ and a much more difficult navigational requirement.  I’m serious.  Either that or the biathlon.  How do you even get started in sports like these??

In any event, Canada currently leads 3-1 in the men’s hockey game  against Slovakia, with less than seven minutes left in the third, and I’ve no more time to spend here as I really must go watch the rest of the game.


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