The Next Two Weeks

The next two weeks are going to be very busy. 

In all honesty, I’m a little worried about keeping everything balanced with a work schedule that includes only a couple of days off scattered through the rest of this month. At least I have a couple of days off – many of my co-workers are working straight through.  The rest of this month is going to be a long haul, not just for officers and all others involved in various aspects of the Olympic Games but for their families as well. 

For everyone there will need be to an added focus on their personal well being.  Eat properly, make a point of exercising, get as much as sleep as humanly possible (I suspect sleep will be catch-as-catch-can), put time aside for recuperation, and enjoy the Olympics and all they are bringing to Vancouver. Yes, that does mean seeing some of the events and enjoying the festivities as well.

I’ll continue to post when I can, but for now I’m preparing for what the following days are going to bring.

Go Canada Go!


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