We’re Back…

If there had been a prize for the person who guessed where we went on our get-away then reader Nic would have won.  Yes, we went to Las Vegas.

Here is my first comment about the trip – Las Vegas is a total gong show, as I’m sure many of you know. 

The people watching was a treat (you could fill a book with anecdotes about the weird and the bizarre), the architecture was amazing, and the rides were breath-takingly-scary. First we dangled ourselves off the edge at 866 ft up in the air, and then we catapulted up to 1149 ft on a ride called the Big Shot at the top of the Stratosphere building. I thought hubby was going to have to change his shorts. 

Me?  I screamed like a little girl. 

The thing about Vegas is that people go there to gamble. We’re not gamblers, as can be seen by the cashout voucher on one of our only foray’s into the casinos:



Vegas was quite the experience, but by day three I was more than ready to head home.  Now that we’re home it’s the day before I head back to work and I’m exhausted.  Time for a good night’s sleep in my own bed so I can get up and get my head in the game (more on getting your ‘head in the game’ in a future post).

One thing I did notice was the number of police units with the Nevada Taxicab Authority.  I’m still not sure if they were a police agency unto their own as I cannot find a website, but the officers were armed and drove marked Crown Victoria police cars. 

Too bad they weren’t around when we encountered the one cab driver who was of the sort to give all cab drivers a bad name when he tried to scam us…

‘Tried’ is the operative word in the above sentence.  🙂


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