Put This One on Your List

I am about ready to scream. 

If anything can drive me over the edge it is when my computer system fails to work.  The actual computer is fine – it’s the Internet service provider I’m using that is driving me squirrelly.  One day it works, but then the following three days it works only if the moon and stars are aligned, which in turn causes me a great deal of stress because not only do I rely on the computer for blogging, I rely on it for everything else as well – kids sports schedules, banking, trip updates and printing out our e-tickets.

E-tickets, you say?

Oh yes. We are going away for a couple of days – I’ll tell you about when we get back, but it should be people-watching at its finest.

Also, an update on the recent post “So Many Directions“.  You have made it clear that I should keep doing what I’m doing, with only maybe a bit more emphasis on what people interested in a career in law enforcement can expect and what they can do in preparation.  I’ve struggled with what to put in the proposed poll as many of you have already voiced what you would like to see more of, so the poll might end up being for fun.

Here’s one bit of advice before I leave – if you have not watched the mini-series Band of Brothers, then do so.  Not only is it amazing tribute to the soldiers of Easy Company, US Military Army Airbourne, and their mission in WWll, it’s an excellent example of the bond between warriors. 



There are quite a few parallels between the military and law enforcement, and several of the scenes in Band of Brothers made me sit up and think to myself, “Hey, we have an NCO just like that (both good and bad), we have a guy with that same sense of humour, I have a similar bond with a couple of my comrades” etc etc. 

What our men and women serving overseas have to endure, what they train for, and their commitment to our country is very humbling.  My hat goes off to all of them.  I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t think law enforcement even holds a candle to the military in the level of sacrifice, but there is something to learn by watching this film.

That’s it for now everyone, have a great weekend and stay safe.

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