So Many Directions…

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to figure out in which direction to take this blog. 

As readership has grown I’ve felt the need to ensure I’m giving you your times worth when it comes to you popping by for a read.  If you are anything like me then your time is a valuable commodity and you are careful in your selection of what to read, what to comment on, what to push to the forefront of importance and what to put on your no-read list.

I, for one, demand great writing when I’m reading someone else’s work, be that work a novel, a magazine article, a newspaper column, a short story or a business proposal.  For all the drivel out there, I am humbled when I take in the magic a few select writers have laid down on the page. Everyone has a story to share, but when you get right down to it, some people are simply better storytellers.  When touched by such writing I am inspired to try and create my own style, one that educates, motivates, and changes the way people think about law enforcement.

So when I look back at my fifteen years of policing I can not help but realize I am a very different person from the young woman sworn in by Chief Constable Ray Canuel in 1995. Then I was hopeful, my dreams just coming to fruition, my future ahead of me. 

Now, even though still hopeful, I have seen humanity at its worst and at its best. I have witnessed greatness and witnessed death.  Delirious joy and devastating grief are the extremes, but given the nature of policing the latter is more common than the former. My comrades are the brothers and sisters I never had and I hold them all dear, even the ones I have never met.  To be a police officer is to be bonded by the uniform; a uniform that crosses gender, race and religion. 

The lessons learned have been hard, sometimes impossibly so, but in the end I am a better person and a better officer because of them.  In the end I have succeeded. I am ‘living my dream’.

And those points bring me to this point and the question of where this blog is headed.

Police officers and those who support them make up a large percentage of this blog’s daily readers.  I know because of two reasons – the number of comments left on this blog do not directly reflect the number of readers. Why?  Because police officers and those who support them are typically the ‘silent majority’, the ones who have very strong beliefs but are comfortable enough with themselves and their beliefs to simply process information without having to voice their own opinion on the topic. 

I used to be that way as well, if you can believe it, but I finally realized it was okay to have my say and be true to myself.  Much the same can be said of fellow police bloggers (see the blog roll to the right of this column) as they are on a similar journey of telling what has so long been secreted behind blue lines.  Not everyone agrees with what we say, or even the fact that we say it, and that’s okay too.  Differences in opinion are what make this world so spicy and full of life. 

So, in trying to find my way, I am asking for some guidance from you, the reader. 

Later in the week I will put up a poll (if I can figure out how to do so), where I will ask you what you would like to see more of and less of.  This blog is for you and I’d like to know what it is you really want to know. 

Keep in mind that even though this blog is my opinion and not that of my department or police board, I will not talk about such things as surveillance, current projects, or cases currently before the courts.  To do so would put other officers in harms way, would jeopardize cases and trials, and would, in essence, be career suicide.  

Do you want more anecdotes? More facts? More stats?

Or less of these things?

Is there any topic you would like to see addressed?  If so, let me know via comment or email and I will add it to the poll for the end of the week.

And remember – comments can be left anonymously – even I won’t know who you are, only that you are FINALLY leaving the rank of blog-lurker.  If need be, sign up for a gmail (Google) email account with some crazy/fake username to hide your real identity. 

Let me know what you want to hear!

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