Happy New Year!

Being lucky enough to have the day off work I spent last night flipping between two hockey games – the Vancouver Canucks vs the St Louis Blues and Canada vs United States in the World Junior Championships. 

I wasn’t sure my heart was going to take all the action with the Canucks winning in overtime and the Juniors game tied 4-4, especially when Canada’s winning goal was disallowed with under three minutes left in the third period.  I went from jumping out of my seat with my hands raised in victory to having those same hands pressed to my mouth in disbelief when the ref flagged his arms out to the side with a crease penalty.  AHHHHHHH!

Regulation time came to an end, as did overtime with no goals scored.  Then it was down to the shoot out.  All eyes in our house were on the TV as Canada scored, then seconds later as Canada’s goalie blocked the US shot.  Victory!!

But I digress….even though our Canadian hockey teams did kick some serious butt.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions because people usually never stick to whatever resolution they’ve made themselves.  Instead, I look at January 1st as a fresh start, as a time to put into play everything learned during the previous year. 

As a police officer the words spoken by a colleague are words to work by – ‘Never assume you know it all’. 

By observing fellow officers we are able to take in what is good about our chosen profession and what are the certain aspects better left behind.  Policing is a constantly changing playing field with evolving expectations and requirements.  That said, I’m fortunate to be doing something I love – working in the Dog Squad is the most challenging, most exciting and simply the best place I’ve ever worked.

As a writer the last twelve months have been productive. This blog has been up and running with a wide readership for over a year now (thanks to all of you!) and the Vancouver Sun column is a gift. A large cross section of the Canadian community has shown their support for police officers in general, while citizens and police officers from other countries have written in to share their own stories and show their support for their respective law enforcement agencies. 

On another note, I’ve finished a novel and am in the editing stage, which is proving to be an education in itself.  Writing a novel requires significant effort with no guarantee it will be worth reading.  The last two-thirds of my novel are pretty good but the first third is gawd awful and in serious need of a rewrite. Perhaps today is the day to round-file it.

A fresh start. 

An opportunity to put into action everything learned.

Not as a resolution but as a way of life, in an effort to be a better, more productive person. 

Now THOSE are words to live by.

Happy New Year to you and yours, and here’s to wishing everyone a great start to 2010!

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