Follow Up to ‘Short, Sweet and to the Point’

Back in March I posted a two liner titled “Short, Sweet and to the Point” after a Vancouver police officer and her partner were involved in a shooting.  At the time I could not comment on the incident as it was under active investigation. 

The Abbotsford Police Department was in charge of the investigation and yesterday they released video of the actual shooting as well as a press release regarding their findings.

Vancouver Police Chief Constable Jim Chu provided a statement on the incident, as did the Vancouver Police Union, both of which can be accessed through the Media Releases link (dated 2009.12.15) in the Public Affairs Media Section of the VPD website

After watching the video, please take the time to read the statement of Chief Constable Jim Chu.

Also, feel free to leave your comments here.  There is not a lot of opportunity for those who support their policing agencies to have their say, so I’m opening this post up as a forum for you to do so. 


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