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A friend of mine sent me an email with this photo attached – some fellow says he out did himself this year with his Christmas decorations, but he ended up having to take down the fake ‘person’ as too many people were trying to rescue ‘him’, including one 55 year old lady who just about killed herself trying to lift a 75 lb ladder.  Apparently, the police told him to take the ‘person’ down, as ‘he’ was going to cause an accident.

I’m not sure if the story is true, but the photo brought to my friend’s mind a call we both attended to just before Halloween.

The call came in to 911 from a frantic citizen about a body hanging from a tree.  The caller was hysterical, and even though the police department, fire department and paramedics were on the way, the caller refused to go near the body to check how the person was doing.  It looked like a suicide by hanging, but because the tree was located on a residential street, we all knew the suicide had likely just happened and the troops were en masse.

As luck would have it I was very close to the call and ended up being the first one there.  My heart did a little double-step in my chest when the body came in to view – the feet were dangling six feet above the ground and the body was swaying gently as if finally coming to rest from a violent death.  I parked and was in a full sprint towards the tree when the upper portion of the ‘corpse’ came into view.

Instead of a ghastly swollen human face staring down at me, there was a tiny little pumpkin head with a painted jack o’lantern grin.

Good one.

Even the officers in the next car to arrive (my friend who sent me the email) were convinced the body was real until they saw the pumpkin face.

The original caller to 911, still parked down the street in his truck, was disgusted and relieved the body was a fake.  He left the area, angry that someone would play such a cruel joke, saying, “Stuff like this is hard on my heart.”

The actual owners of the body lived in the house adjacent to the tree.  Indeed, their house was completely decorated for the occasion, and they were shocked their Halloween prop had caused such a stir.  They had not intended for anyone to think the body was real, which was evident by the pumpkin head.  We told them to take it down for fear of someone else would injure themselves by trying to save pumpkin-man. A compromise was reached, and they laid the body down in their front yard.

I always love a good joke and can always appreciate the unique flair some show when getting their homes ready for the holidays, and I do think the attached photo is hilariously ingenious.  But sometimes, decorations can be too realistic for everyone’s good.

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