The passing of one of our beloved police dogs always leaves a hole in the Vancouver Police K9 section, and in the last year, several retired dogs have passed over to Rainbow Bridge.

While most expect the dog’s handler to be devastated, many do not realize the impact these four legged officers have on the handler’s loved ones.  These dogs are not just working animals, they are an important part in the everyday lives of the entire family.

Retired PD Jake recently lost his short battle with a very aggressive form of cancer.  Not only did his handler grieve when PD Jake died, but so did his wife.  When faced with early retirement as a result of a back injury, Jake became Lori’s dog and learned to turn the title of ‘In Service Police Dog’ over to his handler’s new partner, PD Teak.  The two dogs even became buddies with one ruling the roost at home while the other continued to serve the citizens of Vancouver. 

You may wonder why I’m going on about Jake when at other times I pay only a short tribute when a police dog dies.  Well, you see, Jake was a part of my family as well.  From the time he was a seven week old ball of fluff with needle teeth to the time he was ready to train as a police dog, Jake lived with my family.  He spent his days playing with our young children, terrorizing the cat and chewing every single shrub in our garden.  He was a complete joy to have around.

He was also one hell of a police dog.

In his first year of service PD Jake was responsible for 49 arrests, with a final total of 150 arrests by the time he was forced to retire.  His will to catch bad guys never wavered, only his body’s ability to do so did.  Even then, his friendly disposition made him a favorite for dog shows, and he seemed to love the attention of a dozen little hands petting him when surrounded by children.

PD Jake – you will never be forgotten.


Jake at 8 wks

Jake at 8 wks

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