May They Rest in Peace

Yesterday afternoon I met with other police officers in one of our local coffee houses.

As I waited in line I had a brief conversation with the very nice man behind me about the Lakewood Police Department tragedy.  He made the comment that officers had better have guns drawn simply to go for coffee, even in Vancouver, and he thanked me for the service the Vancouver Police Department gave on a daily basis.

A few minutes later, I was seated at a table with three male officers.  The similarities in victimization was not lost on us, and I reached down to knock on the wooden chair leg beneath me.

To all officers out there – stay safe, stay alert, and do not for one minute let your guard down.

To the families, comrades and friends of the four fallen officers, the thoughts and prayers of the men and women of the VPD are with you in this very difficult time.  

To Sgt. Mark Renniger, Officer Ronald Owens, Officer Tina Griswold and Officer Greg Richards – may you rest in peace.

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