A Little Bit of Police Humour – Practical Jokes

Police humour is humour at it’s best, and we are some of the most ingenious pranksters around.  It helps keeps stress down, and as everyone should know, you always feels better after you’ve had a laugh.  Even if the laughter is at yourself.

Also, tonight is a friend’s first night out on patrol by himself down in Florida after having recently graduated as a police officer, so this post is for him – keep an eye on your back , Evan!  Don’t let your car keys out of your sight, keep tabs on your duty bag, and really make sure the sides of other officer’s mouths aren’t twitching in an effort to hold in the giggles if they ask you to do something suspicious.

So, without further ado, a few practical jokes from recent years:

  • A police recruit arrived at a ‘call’ with her field trainer.  She parked outside of a house they were to attend, at the top of a hill, and she and her FTO went inside.  When they came out a half later, their police cruiser was no where in sight.  They both ran out to the street and were about to radio in that their car was gone when the FTO saw the cruiser, at the bottom of the hill, buried to the door frames in someones hedge.  Without coming over the radio, they sprinted down the hill.  By this time, the rookie was in full panic mode and told her FTO she was SURE she had placed the car in park.  As they crawled around the car, trying to see how much damage had been sustained to the car and to the hedge, the rest of their squad crept up on them and yelled, “Surprise!” and held up the cruiser’s spare set of keys, which they had obtained earlier in the night from the rookies FTO.  They had driven her car down the hill and gently placed it in the hedge without so much as a scratch.  Talk about a Kodak moment!
  • Another officer was getting a tour of the old city morgue when a ‘body’ on a gurney suddenly sat up as the officer walked past.  Of course, the officer’s partner was right behind him to ensure he didn’t put a couple of rounds into the ‘corpse’. 
  • An officer with several years experience parked his car by the station and went in to write up a report.  About twenty minutes later there was a broadcast over the radio of a police vehicle getting broken into so he went outside to see if he could help.  When he got outside he realized his cruiser was the one that had been ‘hit’ – the window was broken and all of his things were gone.  Of course, everything was safely tucked into the trunk of his car, and the broken window had simply been rolled down and glass from another incident sprinkled on the ground by the door.

There are many, many more, but I do not want to be accused of giving away all of our trade secrets. 

Does anyone else have any practical jokes they feel like sharing?  I’m sure Evan would appreciate it!

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