A Role Model for Officers

When I first started with policing, one of my trainers said something I’ve never forgotten.  It was such a valuable piece of wisdom that I repeat it to every recruit who comes out with me for a shift.

“You will see bits of yourself in many officers.  Take what is good about the differing styles of police work, and combine them to make your own style – just remember to be yourself.”

One such recruit came out with me about three years ago.  She impressed me that night, with her six weeks of police experience, and ever since I’ve paid attention to how she acts when I find myself at one of her calls. 

I see a bit of myself in how this police woman conducts herself – she’s confident, calm, street smart, and doesn’t take any crap.  She’s also fair.  

But for all those similarities, I see what her makes her even better.  Maybe it’s the way she carries herself, or the way she deals with suspects, or the way she interacts with the public, but when I observe her working, I learn things.  Even though I’ve more than a decade of seniority on her, I find I still learn when observing officers like her.  She’s a hell of a good cop.

Of course, now that I’ve written this post, everyone’s going to be trying to figure out who I’m talking about.  Comrades close to me know who she is as I’ve told them to pay attention to her work ethic, so I’m not going to embarrass her by identifying her. 

Let it be enough that she is an example for all officers, and she stands out just that little bit because she’s such a solid cop.  If you’ve had the good fortune to work around her, you know exactly who I’m talking about. 

There are many officers like her in this department, so don’t be surprised if you ask me who she is and I reply by giving you a police man’s name who has her same work ethic.  I could have used the example of a few police men for their spectacular work habits and the way they too are role models for newer officers, but I’ve been waiting to say,

“You go, girl!”

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