A Call for Help

A call from a woman, wounded and bleeding inside her home.

A stranger had broken in, thrown her to the floor.  He beat her, robbed her, cut her.

The entire district was going – ERT (SWAT), patrol, K9 units. 

We were ready.  We were going to find him. 

ERT made their approach.  

I knew something was wrong when ERT came out of the house with their weapons at the low ready as a patrol officer lead a distraught but uninjured woman from the home.  She was rambling on and on, and the officer’s radio broadcast brought the house of cards that was this call tumbling to the ground.

“Slow all responding units down – this call is going to be unfounded.”


Another day, another unfounded call.

But in this case, the woman would not be charged with public mischief.  She was transported to hospital and checked into the psych ward under the Mental Health Act.

Normally, such calls create an incredible amount of frustration among officers due to the wasted resources.  This time, the call brought no anger from responding units, only a sense of sadness at the woman’s plight.

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