Never Think You Know It All

I’ve been working PSD Hondo for four years.  In the scheme of things, four years means I am still in the infant stages of understanding exactly what it is I do for a living.  Unfortunately, four years also means Hondo is at the halfway point of his working life. 

So just when we are starting to figure it out the end is already in sight.  This is ever more apparent after receiving a wonderful email from an RCMP dog handler who is currently posted near the East Coast of Canada.

He wrote me a couple of weeks ago, and said my perspective of a ‘new handler with her first dog’ was refreshing and brought back many memories for him.  He is currently working his fourth dog and has one more year experience as a dog handler than I do as a police officer. 

You do the math.  He’s been a dog handler for a long time and likely has forgotten more about handling a police dog than I will ever learn, and when he gives evidence in a criminal court, the judges really pay attention.  The level of expertise he brings to the witness stand cannot be disregarded. 

He’s one lucky cop.  He’s worked four dogs.  I will work only one.  But that is a topic I’m not going to get into for fear of poking the sleeping dragon.

Then today, at a training session, the expertise and knowledge we (the VPD) have within our own department was clear.  I learned a lot today, and am grateful to the experienced handlers and ex-handlers who always come out to ensure we are exposed to the best they have to offer. 

Train like you work – as if it means something.

Because in the end, just when you think you may have figured it out, life throws you something unexpected and you realize there is so much more to learn.

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