The Indestructible Human

It rained last night.  A lot. 

Heavy rain always reduces visibility for drivers so it was no surprise when a call came in from the ambulance service of an accident involving a pedestrian.  Paramedics were already working on the victim when I arrived at the scene.

After blocking traffic with my truck, I ran over to the flurry of activity surrounding the broken body laying in the middle of the road.  From my angle, it appeared the victim had a significant head injury, and certainly the river of blood streaming from the body seemed to confirm this. 

My thoughts were echoed when one of the paramedics looked up at me and said,

“It’s going to be a fatal.”

Several additional officers arrived, the victim was whisked away in an ambulance, and the accident scene investigation ramped up.  Street barricades were erected, traffic was diverted, witness statements were obtained, vehicles were towed and measurements were taken.

About twenty minutes after I cleared from the scene, there was an update on the radio from the officer who had accompanied the victim to the hospital.  I paused what I was doing for a moment, waiting for the death notification.  But instead of providing the time of death as provided by the ER doctor, the officer made the following broadcast,

“The pedestrian is conscious and talking.”

What the hell?

I pulled up the call on my computer, thinking I had not heard the update correctly, but my ears had not deceived me – the pedestrian, who everyone thought had suffered a fatal head injury, was awake and talking to medical staff at the hospital. 

Wonders never cease.

It’s incredible how severe an impact a person can suffer and still survive, or how a seemingly minor injury can cause a person’s untimely demise.  I’m not sure as to the long term health effects for the pedestrian, or how he is faring today, but just the fact he was chatting with the doctors last night is a testament to how resilient the human body can be.

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