Bicycle Get-Away

Bicycle mounted suspects can quickly out distance an officer on foot, and can out maneuver an officer in a car.  I’ve gone after peddle pushing crooks in my day and I’ve lost a few, usually when the cyclist bikes down a footpath, a set of stairs or into a non-vehicle friendly environment.  Frustrating?  Oh yes.

So last night, when another unit was trying to arrest a man on a bike, I went to assist. 

The suspect was peddling like mad on the sidewalk and I was driving beside him on the road.  A line of parked cars was all that separated us, and we had a conversation of sorts over their passing rooftops and through my open window.

“It’s the police.  You’re under arrest.  Stop the bike.”

“No! I’m not going to jail!”  Peddle-peddle-peddle.

“Yes, you are.  Stop the bike.”

“No!”  He cast his sweaty face at me, grinned, hit the brakes and zipped between the parked cars, behind my truck and to the opposite sidewalk. 

I rolled my passenger side window down.

“Hey, knock it off.  Stop the bike, you’re under arrest.”

“Huh-uh.”  Peddle-peddle-peddle, brake, zip.  I braked too. He weeble-wobbled around the back of my truck. 

“You’re just going to go to jail tired,” I said (I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to use that line for YEARS), “Stop the bike.”

“No!”  Peddle-peddle-peddle, brake, zip.  He was using parked cars as obstacles, placing them between his bike and the various police cars trying to hem him in.

We continued with our unlikely waltz for the next couple of blocks, the suspect displaying an amazing array of physical skill at curb jumping and vehicle avoidance.  Sadly, he was lacking in endurance.

The game of cat and mouse came to an end when the suspect, so intent on watching the police cars, peddled into a foot officer. 

Take down accomplished.

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