Murder Across Borders

One of the top stories on the news during the past week has been that of accused murderer Ryan Jenkins and his slain ex-wife.  The story reached international status when Jenkins was thought to have crossed the border into Canada last week.

Then, just an hour ago, the Surrey RCMP held a news conference saying Jenkins had been found dead in a hotel in the Hope, BC area in what appeared to be a suicide.

I’m relieved the hunt is over.  Last night my kids asked if they could sleep in the backyard in a tent and I said no. We live not too far from where Jenkins crossed the border, and I did not want my children outside in the middle of the night – even with a police dog and an off-duty officer sleeping beside them.

Now that the case is ‘over’, I’m not sure whether to be glad Jenkins is dead (at least now there won’t be years of extradition hearings) or to feel sorry for him.  I definitely feel for the loved ones of the woman he is alleged to have murdered, Jasmine Fiore, as they are now going through the hell of burying a woman gone before her time.

I think, for the most part, I’m glad he’s dead. 

Case closed. 

No political wrangling.  No cross-border deliberations on how to best treat a Canadian accused in the heinous death of an American.  No footage of a grieving family trying to bring their loved ones killer to justice.


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