What Time Is It?

Have you ever wanted to ignore the alarm, roll over, jam the pillow over your head and go back to sleep?  If so, you know exactly how I feel every time I have to get up at a set time.

Like yesterday morning.

I had gone to sleep at 8:15 pm the night before, with my alarm set to wake me at 2:45 am.  That’s a little earlier than usual but the mornings have been very busy at work, and you know what they say about the ‘early bird’.

Anyways, the alarm went off.  I sat up, saw the light was on and that my hubby had woken up as well.  He apologised about the light, shut it off and he went back to sleep.  I got up, wandered into the kitchen, turned the coffee on, and continued on to the shower. 

Apres shower found me staring at the clock, towel wrapped turban style around my head.

10:18 pm. 

Damn thing.  Time to replace the batteries.

That’s when I looked at my Blackberry, which was perched on my work bag.  Its battery was on full charge, and it also said 10:18 pm.

You have got to be kidding.

Just to be sure, I checked another clock and it too did not lie. 10:18 pm.

Good grief.  I had only been asleep for two hours.  I snuck back into the bedroom and examined both alarm clocks (two shift workers means we each have our own clock). What had awakened me was my dear hubby setting his clock for the next morning as he came to bed.  In my sleep-altered state I had mistaken it for my alarm telling me to get up for the day. 

With the mystery solved and feeling just a tad bit of glee at being able to hit the sack again, I turned the coffee off, shut the lights out, got back into my pj’s and climbed back into bed.  When the alarm went off a few hours later, I made sure to double check the time. 

Fool me once….

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