Schedule and Prep

It’s 4 am and it’s already 20 degrees out with 70% humidity.  I’ve been up for an hour getting ready for work and I’ve already broken a sweat.

Extra water – check.

Sunscreen – check.

Sunglasses – check.

Retrieving dummy for Hondo to chase into the surf – check.

Schedule for the WPFG events to see after work – check.

It promises to be a good one.


Addendum, 9pm – my actual work day was uneventful, which is good for the citizens of Vancouver but makes for a long shift.  The highlight was definitely the WPFG hockey tonight!

I saw a little bit of everything at the rink – some decent hockey, some horrible refereeing, a team with no goalie (maybe he got lost after last night’s beer garden?), a few dust-ups, five expulsions, good referring in a different ice, and quite a few people I haven’t seen in months.  I’m hooked, and we’re already planning our trip to attend the games in New York.

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