World Police Fire Games 2009

PSD Knight - 2008 Can Am Games

PSD Knight - 2008 Can Am Games


Today marks the Opening Ceremonies for the 2009 World Police Fire Games, which will run from July 31st to August 9th.

I went down to the new Vancouver Convention Center a couple of nights ago to register for my event and was greeted by a slew of volunteers, police officers and fire fighters from all over the world.  At last count, over 10,000 athletes have signed up to compete in events covering everything from the Grouse Grind Mountain Race and fishing to soccer and hockey.

There’s also the Police Service Dog competition with dog teams representing agencies from across Canada and the United States. The event covers obedience, agility, protection and a box search. 

As with most events, the Police Service Dog competition is open to the public free of charge and promises to be an exciting event to watch.  It is scheduled for:

  • Thursday, August 6th
  • Queens Park Stadium at 1st Street and 3rd Avenue, New Westminster (see map)
  • start time 0800
  • events run through the day
  • approx end time 1800 hrs with medal presentations by VPD Deputy Chief Constable Steve Sweeney

PSD Hondo and I are working that day so we will not be competing but I do hope to make it to the venue as an observer to give support to my fellow handlers as they show everyone how impressive the dogs are. 

I hope to see you there!

About the photo– the police dog is PSD Knight (Hondo’s brother) competing at the 2008 Can Am Police and Fire Games that took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Many thanks to the quarry, Dave Ellery, as he has been invaluable in the training of our police dogs, and thanks also to Sgt. Mike Anfield (Ret.) (Maximum Exposure Photography) who was the photographer for the event.

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