Just Try Me

Last weekend was beautiful and we spent the good part of it in Port Moody, a suburb just North/East of Vancouver.  After visiting friends and doing some shopping we had started on our way home when I got the hankering for an iced latte.  We wheeled into a coffee shop on our route and hubby stayed in the car with the kids while I ran inside. 

My iced-latte was soon joined by a treat for the kids.  It ended up being a balancing act between the drink, the weird cake-thing the barrista said the kids would love and my wallet.  I almost dropped the entire production on my way out the door, but I caught it all and kept everything upright – barely. 

Then I looked up and started back to the car, which was parked about a 1/3 of a block away.  Coming towards me and cutting across the street were two hooligans.  Both of them looked like they had been drinking and one of them was obviously high on drugs, probably meth.  They both had me in their sights.  They swaggered, had started to puff themselves up, and were eyeing the fact I was balancing my wallet and wearing flip-flops.  By all appearances it looked like a mugging about to happen.  Great. 

Just try me.

They kept walking and so did I.  They made no secret of the fact they were eyeing my wallet, and they kept trying to stare me down in an attempt to gauge what my response would be.  I eyed them right back, silently telling them they were picking the wrong ‘victim’ and that they should buzz off.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, attitude is everything

The two hooligans veered away as we got closer together and they dropped their eyes first. 

‘Housewife’ – 1, Hooligans – 0

When I got back to the car and handed the kids their treat, hubby was looking in his sideview mirror at the retreating figures of the two would-be-muggers.  He had watched the entire episode and said he thought the two guys were going to jump me.  He also said they had eyed up the car as well, as if it were theirs for the taking, but had moved their attention to me when I stepped out of the coffee shop.  

Either way, the two hooligans would have been in for a big surprise if they had carried through with what had obviously been their initial intention.  The kids were part of this conversation and they turned around to get a look at the guys.  Then my son cracked us up when he added his two bits.

“Mom, you would have been okay.  Dad would have been all over them, I would have jumped on their backs and she (pointing at his sister) would have kicked them in the nards.”

Kids.  Gotta luv em.

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