This Week in Policing – July 3, 2009

Warm skies, the ocean wind and sunsets rivalled only by those on other shores define the Vancouver area at this time of year.  Our city is starting to fill with tourists, and the cruise ship season is underway.  This is when even the locals take time to explore our landmarks such as Gastown, Granville Island and the Grouse Grind (which actually located in North Vancouver).

 That said, I’ve got an action packed weekend ahead of me out in the sun, so I’ll only touch on a few of the top news stories:

  • Today, a man successfully escaped from the Port Coquitlam psychiatric hospital for the second time.  26 year old Matthew David Mikolajczyk, who has a history of violent assaults and poses a danger both to himself and to the public, now has a Canada wide warrant out for his arrest.  In September 2008 after escaping for the first time, Mikolajczyk was spotted by residents on Saturna Island, one of the Gulf Islands located between the mainland of BC and Vancouver Island.  He was eventually apprehended with the assistance of the RCMP helicopter and boat, the Victoria Police Department K9 section, and the local fire chief.  I’m friends with the dog handler who assisted with the apprehension, and her story of the search for the escapee was not like many I’ve heard.  Hearing her describe how she and her dog ended up over the edge of a very steep embankment struggling with the suspect as he fought to pull them all down the cliff was enough for me to want to stay on flat land.  I just hope this time Mikolajczyk is apprehended without incident and brought back to a more secure facility where he was can get the treatment he needs.
  • RCMP in Surrey Tasered a 15 year old on Thursday after the teen-aged male was found highly intoxicated and waving around a knife.  The RCMP stated an officer Tasered the teen in “lieu of using lethal force”.  That this is even news is beyond me.  The Taser is considered a ‘less than lethal’ tool for use in these types of situations.  My opinion (this is my opinion and not the opinion of my employer) is this – if extensive studies show the Taser is not safe to use, then take it away from the police.  If it is deemed safe, then we should applaud when the Taser is used appropriately and a life is saved. 


Current Mysteries:

  • The Canadian Mint a half-ton of gold, valued at $15.3 million dollars, has gone missing from the Canadian Mint headquarters in Ottawa.  Hmm, this sounds like the script to a movie…
  • from – A failed 19th-century Arctic expedition that was famously “frozen in time” has yielded a stunningly poignant relic: a ship’s clock that somehow survived the disaster and has kept on ticking.  A 165-year-old marine chronometer that was supposed to have been lost in Canada’s Far North with the ill-fated Franklin Expedition has inexplicably surfaced in Britain — a “complete mystery” that the country’s top horologist is trying to unravel ahead of a weekend exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, where the timepiece will be displayed publicly for the first time.


Weird News:

In a report from CNews, these two crooks are the definition of what happens with poor planning:

  • KIRKWOOD, New York – State police say two men robbed a gas station and might have gotten away if they had also fueled up.  New York state police officers said they caught 29-year-old Lonnie Meckwood and 51-year-old Phillip Weeks after their getaway car ran out of gas while the were trying to escape late Monday night.  They’re accused of using a knife to rob a clerk at the Quickway Convenience Store in Kirkwood, near the New York-Pennsylvania border about 80 miles (130 kilometres) south of Syracuse. The clerk wasn’t hurt.  Police found the pair about a mile (2 kilometres) away. Their car was on the side of the road. 

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