Greater Lifestyle Implications

Being a police officer is an undertaking.  Wearing a badge and a gun is not a job to take lightly; doing so can get you killed.  You must always be alert and prepared, ready to take action if needed.

But there’s so much more to it than that – policing is not quite like what the shows on TV would have you believe.  It’s not all about car chases, shoot-outs and CSI.  Even though hot calls still roll in, they tend to be the exception not the rule. 

There’s an entire other side to policing, one that doesn’t get as much attention – the life of an officer while off-duty. 

Most officers realize how they conduct themselves while not on the current day’s payroll is just as important as how they conduct themselves while wearing the uniform.  Of course, there will always be the officer who forgets this and ends up on the evening news, and it is at times like these other officers must remind themselves that they are human, too.  People make mistakes – police officers just have to try harder not to make them. 

Being a police officer also has greater implications on lifestyle.  You are always aware of who your friends are, who you associate with, and the places you frequent.  You have to.

You choose friends who live by similar values and who do not judge you for what you do for a living.  Your personal and business associates live and work by the same code you do.  The places you frequent are pro-family and pro-community. 

These ‘rules’, or ‘standards’, are not unique to police officers.  Most citizen’s strive to live by some sort of code and hold dear to them their importance.  

It’s just that as a police officer you have to be hyper vigilant.  Some might find this exhausting, but to not be totally and completely aware of who your friends are can be a career-killer.

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