This Week in Policing – June 19, 2009

In a week filled with inquests, pleas for information on missing persons and updates on homicide investigations, the one thing I’m not going to do is comment on the Braidwood Inquiry and the new turn it took today.  I’ll leave this one to the ones who can comment on it.

Keeping with the search for truth, the following families are asking for anyone with information on the fate of their loved ones to come forward, even if all that is done is a call placed to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(TIPS).  Courtesy of the VPD Public Affairs Media Section:

  • On the second anniversary of the disappearance of Ronald Carlow, his sister Loretta made another heartfelt plea for any information in the case. Ronald William Carlow left his residence in the 1200 block of Homer Street on June 20th, 2007, and was wearing a white t-shirt, brown and green camouflage shorts and brown flip-flops.  He was 38 years old, 5’11”, about 230 lbs. with a muscular build, light brown hair and green eyes.  He had a tattoo of a ring of hockey sticks around his left bicep. Investigators discovered that Ron met with people involved in the drug trade shortly after he left his Yaletown apartment on June 20th, 2007 at 5:51 p.m.  He has not been seen since and both the family and investigators believe that Ronald has been the victim of a probable murder.
  • Evan Garber, a 59 year old Vancouver resident, was dining at a restaurant at 3163 Main Street at 1:30 in the morning on April 28, 2006.  A man walked into the restaurant with a handgun and confronted a staff member, then began to take cash from the register.  When the robber tried to leave, Mr. Garber intervened and they began to struggle.  Another restaurant patron also got involved and shots were fired.  Evan Garber was shot and died at the scene.  The second patron was seriously injured and taken to hospital.  A car was seen leaving the area at the time and may be related to the incident.  Investigators are looking for an older, 1989-1992 dark blue, four-door sedan, possibly a Chevrolet or Oldsmobile.  Witnesses say the robber was white, mid to late 20s, 6’ tall, 170 to 180 lbs. and he was wearing a light-coloured baseball cap, a loose shirt, possibly a track jacket, a t-shirt and long pants.  “This was not the first time Evan Garber had intervened in a crime in progress,” says Homicide Detective Ron Symes.  “When a man with a bag over his head tried to rob a store in which he was a customer, Mr. Garber pulled the bag off, exposing the robber’s face to the store’s surveillance camera.  Officers were able to identify the suspect and he was subsequently charged with two counts of robbery.”
  • On September 11th, 2008, Willene Wah Ying Chong lay sleeping in her bed at 2781 E.55th Avenue when an arsonist set fire to her home.  The 77 year old woman became Vancouver’s 15th homicide victim of 2008, dying in the house she had lived in for over 36 years.  A $10,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for this crime.  “My mother was a strong, loving, self-assured and loyal woman,” says Jerry Chong.  “We were shaped by her will and determination to better ourselves.  The pain never leaves us and we are haunted by the nightmares of that day,” says Chong. “This is especially true for my youngest brother who was present.  He not only suffered physical injuries, but memories he cannot erase.  He has not returned to work since that time.  Our family needs closure and for that to happen we need to bring her killer to justice.”

If you really read the above pleas, you cannot help but feel the pain of those left behind.  To not know what has happened to your loved one must be horrible, and these families are in my thoughts.

Stay safe out there everyone,


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