Speeders Beware

Some speeders have the worst luck.  Either they blow through a radar set-up, or they blow past an unmarked police car.

Based on experience, I would hazard a guess that a speeder would have a more lenient ticket bestowed upon them from the driver of said unmarked police car (me).  I, for one, do not give out many tickets.  I prefer to give out warnings – it’s just my style.

But every now and then, I issue a ticket. So when a court notification comes, telling me whoever I issued the ticket to is fighting it, I know I had better pay attention as the tickets I give are usually for outrageous traffic offences. 

Case in point:

Last year, while sitting at a red light in the middle of the night, a car crossed my bow at roughly the speed of sound.  It was going so fast it appeared to float down the road.  I tried to catch up to it but it was not safe to do so, and the dang thing raced around a corner and accelerated away.  The car was travelling at about 100 kms/hr and had turned to a speck on the horizon. 

Just when I thought the car was going to slow down for a red light (in my head I sounded like a skipping record – ‘he’s going to brake, he’s gotta brake, oh-crap-he’s-not-braking!), it zoomed through a solid red light at a major intersection at over double the speed limit.  Without hitting anyone.  Some one up there was looking down on us that night…

I radioed in, and finally caught up when the driver stopped at the next red light.

When I conducted the traffic stop, the car pulled to the side of the road like any other normal driver.  But the driver was not ‘normal’ – she was absolutely gooned.   As in falling-down, three-sheets-to-the-wind, going-to-be-talking-to-the-porcelain-king drunk.

After giving her a ticket for speeding and for the red light, she was also written up for impaired driving.  Other than being a horrific driver, the lady had had no other dealings with police.  She was an otherwise contributing member of our society who had just put everyone else out on the road in extreme danger.  

It still amazes me when people who put themselves in this type of situation manage to escape injury….all too often they leave death and carnage in their wake.

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