Who Says All Criminals are of the Two-Legged Variety?

911 received numerous calls this morning of a “mischief in progress” in a residential area just off of Kingsway Ave.  The suspect had wrecked the plants in a neighbors garden and had fled southbound on foot.

When units arrived in the area, this is what they found:




I’m not quite sure what people thought we were going to do about Bambi feasting on the hostas, so we called Conservation.  We were instructed to leave the deer to his own devices (and yes, it was a ‘he’ – if you look close you can see the beginning of antlers) and he would wander back to where he had come from. 

Vancouver has a lot of wildlife, but I’ve only seen racoons, skunks and coyotes.  We get the occasional bear sighting, and last summer there were two mountain lion sightings (I would have said cougar sightings, but I feared the comments would get too comical….they still might).  I’ve never seen a deer in the city limits, so this was a first.

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