This Week in Policing – June 13, 2009

The last full moon was Sunday, June 7th.  The days leading up to and away from a full moon are usually busy.  People do weird things and crimes get a little more violent.  This week was no exception.

  • Jun 9th – 18 year old Yeon Chul Peter Lee was arrested and charged with theft over $5000, aggravated assault and unlawful confinement after he allegedly attacked a man.  The male victim is recovering from several slash wounds after he arranged to meet and show Lee his car-for-sale.  At some point during the meeting, Lee allegedly struck the victim with a blunt object, choked him and then slashed his face, neck and chest.  In a bizarre twist, Lee then drove the victim (in the victim’s car no less) to the hospital, after which Lee made off with the car.  Lee was arrested when he returned home a few hours later. 
  • June 10th – 30 year old Daniel Kesselring was the 39th person to be flown back to his home province courtesy of our Con Air program.  He was arrested in Vancouver after fleeing numerous weapons charges from Waterloo, Ontario.
  • June 11th – Vancouver recorded its 14th homicide of 2009 after 28 year old Jefferey Qi Feng Bian was fatally stabbed in a Yaletown apartment.  Anyone with information is asked to call investigators at (604)717-2500, or Crime Stoppers at  1-800-222-8477.
  • June 11th – two men, age 19 and 22, are in custody after a violent robbery at the 7-11 convenience store located at 6904 Victoria Dr.  During the robbery the suspects brandished pepper spray and knife (the clerk was not hurt), but were taken into custody a short time later.

As for the full-moon theory?  Some say it’s complete hogwash, that the theory has not stood up to the test of numerous studies saying there is no correlation between the lunar phase and the rates of homicide/traffic accidents/violent altercations/increased emergency room admissions etc, etc.

I beg to differ.  Things are always a little wacko when the moon is full. 

When the only ones out on the streets are cops and robbers (and those pesky newspaper delivery people…), you cannot help but notice the subtle tension underneath it all when the moon turns her round face towards the earth and shines down on us all.

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