Would-Be Criminals

Sometimes, would-be criminals should just stay at home.  

The gas stations and convenience stores (particularly the 24 hours ones) in our city have been targeted on a regular basis for robberies and thefts.  Staff at these establishments have policies and safety measures in place to combat crimes and keep their employees safe, but there will always be the criminal who tries his hand at jacking the joint.  Usually, the robbery attempt takes place in the middle of the night at a remote location, but such was not the planning of two would-be criminals.

These two would-be criminals attempted an armed robbery, but not in the middle of the night and at a remote location, but in broad daylight at one of the busiest intersections in the city.  They walked across the gas station parking lot, masked up in full view of traffic, and approached the kiosk.  All the while unaware that an officer, who just happened to be at the above mentioned intersection, saw them and radioed in for backup.

As the would-be robbers entered the kiosk the attendant walked out the back door to help another customer, obviously not aware of the robbery attempt .  The two robbers, now alone in the kiosk with a locked and secure cash drawer, bumbled about for a few moments before fleeing.  They didn’t get very far before the troops descended and took them into custody.

Later the same day, a motorcyclist tried to evade police during a traffic stop. I say ‘tried’ because he too did not get very far. 

The suspect demonstrated the incredible acceleration ability of his motorcycle, but he obviously did not know the lay of the land.  Not good.  And motorcycles do not fare as well in deceleration department – which the suspect discovered when he zoomed through a stop sign and was struck by another car.

But here’s the kicker – as the motorcycle suspect tried to maintain control of his bike (he did the wobbly-wook down the road and wiped out), the car that hit him took off.  So now there was a hit and run on a suspect driver who had been attempting to evade police.  The motorcycle suspect was taken into custody, and the hit & run suspect was able to make good his escape.

It’s all in a days work, folks.  I do not make this stuff up.

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