Driving through La La Land

It’s a beautiful long weekend, and it’s the first time in the last few years where the Victoria Day holiday has not been plagued with rain.  The streets, markets, parks and campgrounds are filled with people taking advantage of the sunny skies and welcoming the unofficial start to summer.

But it’s not all roses.  Every year there are a multitude of car accidents throughout the province,  and a few unlucky souls get killed.  I’ve not watched the news today, so I’m not sure if we’ve had any fatalities, but as of 0600 hrs this morning when I got home from night shift we were still looking good.

Here’s what brings me to the title for this post.  On Friday, as I was driving around getting ready to head in to work, I noticed most people were already in holiday mode and had left their usual driving etiquette at home: 

  • People talking on cell phones and weaving in their lanes
  • One fellow behind the wheel of a tractor trailer looking as if he were texting on his phone and not paying attention to the fact he was straddling the center line
  • Another person driving at 60 kms/hr in the fast lane on the highway with all the other motorists trying to jockey around him.  All of this adds up to bad driving ‘ju-ju’.

The bad driving was not contained to the highway either – going through town was like playing ‘Frogger’, and I was on high alert to just get home from the grocery store.  It was absolutely incredible, and I don’t recall ever being so aware of all the people driving as if on a trip through La La Land.

Then, during my shift last night, I pulled over more people than usual.  Some were called into 911 as suspected impaired drivers, but most were just distracted.  Or tired. Like the woman who fell asleep behind the wheel of her minivan while stopped at a red light.  I drove past her on the way to an unrelated call (I didn’t realize she was asleep at the time), and she was still there five minutes later when I returned.  She was slumped over, leaning against the driver’s side window, having a little nappy-poo.  Apparently jet lag can do that to a person.

So please, if you are out on the roads for the remainder of the weekend, pay attention!  Apparently it’s not your driving you have to be worried about, but the driving habits of others. 

This weekend it pays to have had a course in defensive driving…


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