This Week in Policing – May 15, 2009

I never did catch up with last week’s TWIP, so I’ll try and catch up now…



  • CON AIR, a program to transport ‘wanted’ parties back to the province where the criminal warrant had been issued, has been up and running for just over a year.  Up until the program was introduced, the VPD estimated there were approximately 2500 people living in the Vancouver area who had outstanding warrants from other provinces.  For the most part, the wanted parties were able to live in BC and not have to face their charges.  However, because of a tiny, little clause in the Criminal Code of Canada, the wanted parties can be arrested and shipped back to their original province.  Thanks to the efforts of Staff Sgt Ruben Sorge, 53 wanted parties have been arrested and 35 have been sent back to the jurisdiction where their offence occurred.  For more on CON AIR, please read the following article from CTV.  
  • The Vancouver Police Department supports various fundraisers, and officers regularly take part in events to raise money for noteworthy causes.  On May 31, 2009, come out and support the 2009 Motorcycle Ride for Dad.  What began in 2000 with the Ottawa Police Association as a support/fundraising ride for those suffering from prostate cancer, the Motorcycle Ride for Dad has spread across the country.  Following is a press release made by Chief Constable Jim Chu in support of Constable Peter Groenland, the chair of the West Coast Motorcycle Ride for Dad.  Cst. Groenland, a police officer since 1978, was diagnosed with prostate cancer only a few days after last years ride.  Cst. Groenland has since returned to work cancer-free, and understands first hand how important these fundraising events are. 


I’m not going to hog the podium this morning – that rightly belongs to Constable Peter Groenland and his incredibly hardworking and dedicated team and partners.  But I would like to say how proud I am to work for a department that can support these types of charitable fundraising efforts.

Over the years I have seen it time and time again, as our members truly go Beyond the Call to support their charities and contribute back to the community.  Nowhere has that effort been more apparent than in the number of members who have banded together to raise money to fight cancer. I have seen them run their hearts out, bicycle until they are exhausted and work tirelessly to raise that one extra dollar. I have seen them shave their heads and wax their legs. Some of those images were more shocking than others and some will haunt me forever. 

But there is another image that I will never forget and that’s the sight of hundreds of motorcycles stretched out along the highway, with every rider there for one reason and one reason only, to raise money to fight prostate cancer.  I don’t have to tell you how important this fight is or that some who are in that ride are literally fighting for their lives. 


Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley

  • Chief Constable Bob Rich, of the Abbotsford Police Department, released a public warning  directed at all those involved in the drug trade, particularly the youth involved at the bottom end of the dug trade.  This warning comes after four young men, a few still in highschool, have been founded murdered in recent weeks.  It is thought their killers assumed the young men had gang ties, and all investigations are still underway.  Thank you Global TV BC for the link.


Darwin Award in lieu of Weird News

Nothing ‘weird’ has happened lately (I know, I know, be careful what you wish for), so I’ll leave you with a recent inductee into the Darwin Awards, compliments of the D.A. website:

“23-year-old Strahinja Raseta, one of the members of the team that pulled off the spectacular robbery of the Split post office earlier this year, died on Sunday in hospital in the Serbian capital, Belgrade.

On Saturday evening, Raseta attempted to plant an explosive device under his friend, Milan Mitic’s jeep, but ended up killing himself. The Press reports that, although Raseta and Mitic were friends, Raseta’s €15,000 debt towards Mitic drove him to murder. Raseta waited for his target to show up. When Mitic did not appear, he decided to plant the explosive under his jeep. However, the muffler was not yet cool, and the heat of the exhaust system set off the explosive. Raseta died the following morning in hospital.

‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be;
For loan oft loses both itself and friend.’
    – Shakespeare (Lord Polonius, in Hamlet)”


It’s the unofficial kick-off to the summer camping season with Victoria Day long weekend underway, so please remember to drive safe.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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