This Week in Policing – May 1, 2009

For the most part, it’s been a quiet week in Vancouver.  I always say a quiet week is good for residents and makes for a slow shift for police. 

But really, there is always SOMETHING going on, so we do keep busy when not chasing bad guys around.  To prove my point, there were a few very good arrests made this week:

  • Two young teenage girls were arrested after a series of robberies near the Skytrain.  The girls, aged 13 and 11 years, allegedly robbed three different women at knife point.  A third young female suspect escaped, but the investigation is continuing and it’s only a matter of time before she is identified.  None of the victims were injured.  Of course, the 11 year old was too young for criminal charges, so she was driven home.  I know.  11 years old.  WAY too young to get started in a life of crime.  I’d like to extend a hand to help guide her in the right direction so she can straighten herself out.
  • A Vancouver man was arrested after a woman called 911 to report she was being followed as she left the Nanaimo St SkytrainStation.  The woman was able to give police an excellent description, and investigators found there were significant similarities between this case and several cases from 2007 where women were stalked or attacked after they left a Skytrain station.   Rodger Francisco Grinolds, 36, is charged with robbery x2, assault with a  weapon, possession of a dangerous weapon, aggravated assault, threatening x2, criminal harassment x2.  This, my friends, is an example of great police work.
  • 27 year old David Bedard discovered last weekend that community awareness is one of the greatest crime fighting tools.  An alert citizen called 911 after seeing a male, later identified as Bedard, break a window and climb through the opening into a neighbors house.  The citizen, knowing his neighbor was a 91 year old woman, provided excellent information to 911. Police arrived at the scene and Bedard tried to make a run for it.  Not a very good decision – he was taken into custody by a police dog (remember my post about the laws of cause and effect?).  After being treated in hospital, Bedard was remanded in custody.  That’s a good dog.  🙂 

Lower Mainland

  • A man who robbed a McDonalds got more than money from the cashier when he brandished a knife at the restaurants drive-thru window.  An employee threw a liter of boiling oil in the suspects face when he demanded money and reached through the window to grab bills from the cash drawer.  The suspect has not yet been identified, but he is likely suffering burns to his face and neck.  See The Province for more coverage.


  • A 13 month old baby boy is alive after being located by Quebec police during a massive search.  The baby, abandoned in the woods by his father, spent 12 hours in the inclement weather wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a wet diaper.  When officers found him, the little boy raised his hands as if he wanted to be picked up.  for full coverage, please see the excellent article by The Globe and Mail’s Ingrid Peritz.  Here is the photo that captured our country earlier this week:



United States

  • I’ve touched before on Post Traumatic Stress, and what the VPD’s Critical Incident Management Team does after traumatic incidents, so I’m surprised that someone in New York approved a photo shoot of a big airplane, complete with trailing fighter jets, in the airspace above that city.  I was not in New York on 9/11; I was in Vancouver, watching the coverage of the terrorist attacks on a television.  But I just now searched ‘low flying aircraft New York’ on Youtube, and got back over 100 hits.  The video footage made my skin crawl, and made me remember how incredibly helpless I felt after the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001.  So no kidding people in New York panicked when the jet flew overhead a few days ago.  I would have too.  And I most assuredly would not have stuck around to have video taped it with my cell phone! 

Weird News

It’s been a while since anything weird has happened, so here’s a good one:

  • Arvada, Colorado – A man was arrested in a Denver suburb after police stopped him for riding his horse while under the influence.  The man, saying he was out for a ‘joy ride’, got a $25.00 fine, and a good Samaritan gave the man and his horse a ride home. 


That’s it for this week everyone.  Have a good weekend and stay safe.  Or stay ‘good’, if you’re so inclined to go out into the streets to serve your community.  As fellow officer Christopher said, they don’t pay us to stay safe.

But stay safe anyways.

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