When the Goons Come Out to Play

Why is it that every time our hockey team starts to do well in the playoffs the ‘goons’ of the Lower Mainland think it’s okay to wreck havoc on the streets? 

Like last night on the Surrey/Delta border.  An otherwise happy crowd of 1500-2000 hockey fans had a few participants intent on causing trouble.  One RCMP officer ended up with a broken leg, and a small number of people were taken into custody.  Talk about ruining the celebration for everyone else. 

For the most part, Canucks fans are good, law abiding citizens.  Yes, these same citizens might drink a few too many beers on occasion and get a bit rambunctious in their celebrations, but they don’t start fights with who ever looks at them sideways or cause damage to property. 

For the most part, Canucks fans are people like you and me (even though I’m not that partial to beer).

So to all those hooligans waiting to cause trouble at celebrations like a winning streak in the NHL playoff race or a community event like the annual fireworks,  I’ll keep this simple – do us all a favour and stay home or stay away.


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