Ten Years Later


1) a refusal to satisfy a request or desire

2) a) refusal to admit the truth or reality, b) refusal to acknowledge a person or a thing

3) negation in logic

4) a psychological defense mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality

– Merriam-Webster


Ten years ago today, at 11:10 am MST on Tuesday, April 20, 1999, two students went on a rampage at a highschool, killing thirteen people and wounding twenty three others before turning their weapons on themselves. 

Columbine, Colorado. 


Last Friday, I was privileged to see a one day presentation by Lt. Col Dave Grossman (ret.), a West Point psychology professor, Professor of Military Science and member of the Warrior Science Group.  His biography is incredibly impressive, and he brought his expertise, knowledge and obvious passion for public service to his audience.

One of the main points he stresses is that tragedies like the Columbine High School shootings can and will happen again if we do not take steps to negate the threat. 

We cannot live in denial and pretend that life is roses.  There are those out there ready and willing to do us and our children harm – we need to be prepared, and train for the eventuality. 

We have learned from Columbine.  We must continue to train.  We must continue to be aware enough to put aside our petty differences and have the will to challenge certain laws that inhibit the protection of our society. 

And believe me, there are policies in place that have no business standing between us and safety.

It’s not nice to be perfectly aware of what is waiting for us if we are not careful, but we cannot afford to be like an ostrich with our head stuck in the sand. 

We owe it to each other and to our society.

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