It’s all about Mind Set

Policing, for all it’s excitement and Hollywood appeal, is one that requires you to be on your game at all times.  You have to be physically and mentally prepared to do the job. 

You have to remember even the biggest, toughest cop has limitations – you just have to be aware of what your own limitations are and plan accordingly.   I, for one, am not a little gal.  At 5’10”, I can hold my own, but I am still perfectly aware that I am no match for a goal-oriented male suspect of similar stature. 

That’s why I have a plan (actually, I have many plans…all are situational).  I have the “What-if” conversation with myself on a regular basis, and I go over other officer’s incidents to try and learn something from every source I can. 

Obsessive?  I don’t think so.  I call it having a plan to go home to my family at the end of every shift.

That said, training only takes you so far.  You have to be mentally prepared to step up when you are called into action.  You have to know that you will not hesitate when you really need to do something that scares the crap out of you (or at least makes you very nervous).  I’ve been there.  Almost every cop I know worth his or her salt has been there.  When faced with ‘that’ situation, an officer will know right away if they have what it takes. 

Thankfully, most do.


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