“No Comment”

The idiosyncrasies of law enforcement investigations and our Canadian Justice system dictate that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty.   This, in my opinion, is a good thing, and represents our society as the democracy it is.

As such, police officers are often unable to comment on current topics we would otherwise have a very strong personal opinion on.  When an investigation is in full swing we are unable to tell you how devastating some incidents are, or tell of you of the solid work ethic that goes into every case brought to trial. 

Our official “No comment” response to media questioning is not meant to incite anger or to keep the public in the dark during the early stages of an investigation – we share what we can, when we can, all in respect for ‘innocent until proven guilty’. 

As to those inquiring after what my opinion is on life as a police officer and dog handler, go ahead and ask.  That is what this blog is for.  But when you ask what my personal opinion is on events like the recent police involved shooting, you’ll get a prompt “No comment” response. 

Not because I do not have an opinion, but because I choose not to voice it. 

Many times I have wanted to shout out “You’re wrong!”, or “Yes, that’s really how it happened!”.  Other times I’ve wondered where the media found an expert to weigh in with their opinion (good or bad), and I’ve watched with either horror or amusement at the antics of those vying for their fifteen minutes of fame. 

Simply put, I’m not going to get into specifics and give my opinion on matters better left to the experts – I’ll leave the investigating to the investigators, and the expert opinions to those qualified to give them.

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