This Week in Policing – March 21, 2009

Yesterday, two Vancouver police officers were involved in a shooting.  As this case is being actively investigated and is a case I will not comment on, following is the statement released by our Public Relations Section:

“Something happened this morning that all police officers train for, and all police officers hope will never happen – the moment that they must use deadly force to protect their own life or the lives of others.

 As of this afternoon we can share with you what we know.

 A call came in to 9-1-1 at 10:30 this morning of a theft from auto disturbed in the east lane of the 700 block of Granville Street.  The complainant saw two men take some items from a vehicle and called police as the suspects ran off. He gave descriptions to 9-1-1 and two of our members located a possible suspect in the 500 block of Homer Street.

 What we know from call information is that the officers then called for code three cover and advised that the man had a knife. The man advanced on the officers with an extended exacto knife and did not comply with orders to drop the knife. The two officers held the man at gun point but when he advanced further he was shot. Regrettably, he died at the scene.

 The 31 and 43 year old female officers are both five year members.”

Chief Constable Jim Chu also released a statement regarding how the incident will be investigated.


In other Vancouver news:

  • Abduction at gun point, March 14th – An alert citizen called police after seeing a man armed with a gun force a woman into a vehicle.  The citizen followed the vehicle until police units arrived, at which time officers followed the vehicle into Port Coquitlam.  A coordinated effort between the VPD, ERT and the Coquitlam RCMP ended up with the vehicle being stopped.  The woman was recued uninjured, a loaded gun was seized from the vehicle and the male suspect was taken into custody.
  • Acupuncturist arrested, March 16th– A sixty-five year old acupuncturist is in custody charged with sexual assault after he allegedly had inappropriate sexual contact with a 28 year-old female patient on March 8th of this year. Dr. Rang Pham has been practicing in east Vancouver since the early 1990`s. Anyone with relevant information is asked to contact the VPD Sex Crimes Unit at 604-717-3117
  • Stolen Native Art recovered– after someone entered his room in late February and made off with a prized Native mask, Mr. Norman Ryall filed a police report.  Mr. Ryall has been a resident at an area residential hospital for thirty years since becoming a quadriplegic at the age of two, and has been an avid collector of Native Art.  After a televised news report showed a photo of the stolen mask, a security officer contacted police – the mask had been abandoned on a transit bus in early March.  Police were able to return the mask to Mr. Ryall.

In Canadian News:

  • Winnipeg is auto-theft free for twenty four hours – The car-theft capital of Canada had its first theft-free day on March 3rd.  Manitoba Public Insurance stated no vehicles were reported stolen over that 24 hour time period, making it the first time in over a decade where there were zero thefts. 2008 was the 11th year in a row that Winnipeg earned the dubious distinction as the country’s car-theft capital.

Weird News:

I checked around for some weird news, but other than the usual UFO sightings from the mid-west (I’ve always wondered what drugs people are on when they report sightings of little green men), there was nothing too bizarre happening this week.

Cheers, and stay safe,


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