Tragedy in Alabama and Germany

There’s nothing to be said except words of support and comfort for those left behind after shooting rampages in the state of Alabama and overseas in Germany claimed dozens of lives.

What were only brief news clip here in Canada do not even begin to pay homage to the lives lost and the emotional devastation of the survivors and their families.


Geneva County Sheriff Joshua Myers was on duty Tuesday when he responded to a shots fired call.  In a report by CNN:

“”We got notified on the radio that a trooper was chasing a suspect that had fired shots,” Myers told reporters on Wednesday.

Instead of heading home, the deputy drove to Reliable Metal Products plant in the nearby town of Geneva, where he engaged in a shoot-out with the suspect, who then entered the building and shot and killed himself.

Myers had no idea that 30 minutes earlier, the suspect had shot and killed his wife and 1½-year-old daughter, Corinne Gracy, and shot and wounded his 3-month-old baby girl, Ella Kay.”

The Sheriff’s five year old son, Isaac, was not physically hurt, but was found hiding in a closet after the shooting.  The young child had witnessed his mother and sister’s being killed and wounded.  Full coverage can be read at,, and  


At approx 0930 hrs on Tuesday morning, a recent graduate returned to a secondary school in Winnenden, Germany and opened fire, killing nine students and three teachers. 

The gunman then fled the school after shooting at responding police officers, and highjacked a civilian car.  The car eventually went off the road.  The suspect left the driver unharmed and fled on foot to a nearby car dealership where he shot and killed an employee and a customer.  Police responded to the dealership, where a gun battle ensued.  By the end of it, two officers were injured and the gunman was dead (allegedly by his own hand).  Coverage can be read at Wikipedia, MSN, and the BBC.


To all those lost and all those left behind to deal with the aftermath, you are in my thoughts and in my prayers.

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