Vancouver Police Traffic Section

VPD M/C Drill Team

VPD M/C Drill Team


They’re everywhere.


Oak Street, Knight Street, Granville Street.  You know the drill.  Drive at the speed limit on these stretches of road or risk getting a violation ticket for driving too fast. 




While the traffic officers at radar set-ups and on motorcycles are the ones most in the public eye, and the Motorcycle Drill Team (pictured above) is the most popular, the entire Traffic Section is one of the largest units within the Vancouver Police Department.  Included in the section are:

 The VPD Traffic Section also has an innovative way for members of the public to get answers to their most pressing traffic question with an entire page on their website devoted to “Ask a Traffic Officer”.  The questions are answered by Cst. Jeff Peterson, a 28 year member of the Vancouver Police Department who has over 14 years service with the Traffic Section.  What a great idea.

Following is an interview with Cst. Melissa Yamamoto, one of the few female officers in the Traffic Section. 

The interview, conducted by CBC Living Vancouver’s host Jaeny Baik, gives a real and humorous look into what it’s like to be a traffic cop.  Ms. Baik even tries her hand at the radar gun, and then gets clocked as she sprints during a speed trial – too funny.  Enjoy!

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