Carrying a Concealed Weapon


I was perusing US police blogs in the last few days, and came upon a post about whether or not officers should carry a firearm during their off-duty hours.

The resounding response from American officers was YES they did pack a gun when not actively working, with the added comments of feeling negligent if they didn’t ‘carry’ when off duty.  With the very different gun laws in the States, this answer didn’t surprise me.  A couple of my American friends hold permits to carry concealed weapons – I guess it’s just a way of life south of the border.

When asked, I chipped in with my two cents about how life is in Canada, and how a Canadian officer could face criminal charges/internal discipline for carrying a gun when not authorized to do so.  My friends in the States were shocked, and asked what I would do if faced with a lethal situation when off duty.  I responded that I would likely be diving for cover and calling 911 from my cell phone.

Should Canadian officers be carrying their duty weapons when off duty?  There are some who would say ‘yes’ and there are those who would say ‘absolutely not’ – the answer, I think, is somewhere in the middle.  Both sides have good reasons, and I’m sure the debate on such a topic would be long and colourful.  Especially here on the West Coast.

As for me?  I’ll be keeping my cell phone on full charge.

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