Good Police Work and a Bit of Humour

It’s been a crazy week.  Homicides, shootings, home invasions…you would think that’s all that happens in this city.  I’d like you to know that while these incidents grab the headlines they are not what really define a city, a community and a police department.  It’s calls like these that do:

  • An elderly man suffering from dementia wandered away from his loved ones.  His family called 911, and with the assistance of the police the man was found only a few blocks away, a little disoriented but otherwise okay.
  • An alert citizen called in what appeared to be a break and enter in progress – multiple units responded, a police dog located the suspect just as he was about to commit another break-in, and property from a yet-to-be-reported break-in was recovered.
  • A patrol unit showed compassion while dealing with a young man newly diagnosed with schizophrenia, and assisted his family in finding the resources they needed to manage their loved one’s illness.

There are many good stories within the Vancouver Police Department, and most of them never get acknowledged when overshadowed by the latest ‘hot story’.  Don’t get me wrong – the gun violence and gang warfare are a huge concern for police, and rightly so.  But as the gangsters and those associated to them continue to shoot at one another, the rest of the world continues to tick along.  Let’s not forget about everyone else.

So, on that note, here’s a video to lighten things up.  This ad originally aired as a Superbowl commercial, and falls into the parameters of ‘auto crime prevention’ and nipping a gang-related problem in the bud:


**Just to clarify – I am NOT endorsing the company named in the video and neither is the VPD….it just happens to be a funny video that serves the purpose of bringing a little humour into this otherwise busy week. Enjoy!

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