Gangs & Gun Violence

I get the feeling this will not be the last post about this subject.

Yesterday, a woman was shot to death while driving her vehicle in Surrey.  At first glance, she appears to be another victim in the ongoing gun war, but what is so shocking about this crime is the fact the woman’s  four year old son was in the back seat of her car at the time of the shooting, and he somehow escaped physical injury.  It’s not know what affiliation, if any, the woman had to gangs.  Global National New has the full story.

I’d like to think the shooters had no idea a toddler was in the car as most criminals have an aversion to crimes against children.  Somehow, though, I don’t think these guys really give a damn; they are out to settle a score, to make a point, and to make themselves look ‘tough’, regardless of who stands in their way.

Drugs kill.  It’s as simple as that. Shoot the drugs into a vein or get shot for being associated to the drug trade; it makes no difference when the end result is the same.  While a drug addict can learn to manage their addiction, a gang member intent on making a name for himself is a very dangerous person to all those around him.

But back to that little boy.  My heart goes out to him, and to the officers and citizens who came to his aid.  Being witness to such tragedy must have been horrible, and it is something those people will always remember.  The Roanoke Cop said it best in a recent comment: 

“The children are indeed the most difficult struggle. From the ones who die in your arms to the ones who will live in pain and struggle through neglect and abuse, they get in your soul and stay there.”

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