This Week in Policing – Feb.13, 2009

 The biggest issue this last week has been the continued gun violence in and around Vancouver:
  • Fri., Feb 6th – a 26 year old gang associate was gunned down and killed in the parking lot of a busy Langley mall in front of a multitude of innocent bystanders.
  • Sun., Feb 8th – a 28 year old man was shot and injured in the 2000 block West Broadway in Vancouver.  He has remained uncooperative with police.
  • Wed., Feb 11th, 0400 hrs – A car and a truck played a dangerous game of cat and mouse as they chased one another around the gas pumps of a Langley gas station, firing rounds from semi-automatic weapons at one another.  It really is a miracle they didn’t blow the entire block sky high.  There was some amazing surveillance video of the incident that has since been seized as evidence.  The truck was later found abandoned and bullet-riddled.
  • Wed., Feb 11th, 1800 hrs – a 23 year old man was shot and killed inside a residence in Vancouver in what appears to be a targeted hit.
  • Thurs., Feb 12th – Four people were taken into police custody after shots were fired outside a residence in Burnaby. 
  • I get the feeling I may have forgotten about at least one shooting, but there have been so many I’ve lost track…

Several of the recent shootings have taken place in very public locations.  I echo the thoughts of other law enforcement officers when I say we are very concerned about the level of violence, and the threat these incidents pose to members of the public. 

Checking for gang members isn’t something I normally do in my off-duty time, but last weekend, as I stepped out of my personal vehicle at a local market, I took a few moments to look around and make sure the ‘coast was clear’ before heading in to do my shopping. And I’m not the only one making these checks – other officers I’ve talked to have been doing the same, so you know it’s a concern when we’re thinking about this when not actively working.


Other news from in and around Vancouver:

  • In a senseless tragedy, Dr. Aneez Mohamed, 31, and his fiance, Chanelle Morgan, 25, were struck and killed as they were walking on W 4th Ave near the entrance to Granville Island late in the evening of February 7th.  The driver of the suspect vehicle struck the couple from behind, then crashed the vehicle and fled the scene on foot, leaving two teenage passengers in the vehicle.  He was tracked down and apprehended by a police dog.  Kurtis William Rock, 18,  is charged with two counts of dangerous driving causing death, two counts of impaired driving causing death, failure to stop at the scene of an accident causing bodily harm, theft over $5000 and possession of stolen property over $5000.
Dr. Aneez Mohamed and Chanelle Morgan

Dr. Aneez Mohamed & Chanelle Morgan

  • The Vancouver Police Department issued a Public Warning on a High Risk Offender.  “Stafford Marvel Lake poses a risk of significant harm to the safety of adult women” – for full details and photographs of Lake, please see the VPD Media Releases Page dated 2009.02.12.


Blogging News:

  • Michael Cox, a 53 year old Vancouver area bus driver, says he was fired after publishing a blog detailing his experiences as a bus driver.  Union CAW111, which represents bus drivers, confirmed it was the blog, Short Turns, and its content that triggered Cox’s dismissal, who at the time was a probationary (new) employee.  It appears Cox was critical of the Coast Mountain Bus Company’s service plans during the recent snow storms. Lesson learned, I guess.  “The Internet is forever.” 

That’s it for this week.  To all of you working this weekend, be safe.  To everyone else, have a good weekend, and see you on Monday.

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