This Week in Policing – Feb.06, 2009

There’s a lot to cover, again, so let’s get down to it:


  • The Vancouver Police are warning the public after a man was attacked while walking through Stanley Park early Monday morning, Feb.2, 2009.  The victim, a 52 year old man, was able to call 911 after the assault.  Motivation for the attack is unclear, but investigators are treating it as a possible hate crime.
  • There was a suspicious death in a residence located in the 6300 block of Windsor Street.  Police are in the early stages of the investigation – for updates, please see the VPD Media Releases.
  • The Washington Hotel, located at 177 East Hastings St in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, was the site of a significant structure fire on Thursday afternoon.  The hotel, owned by the City of Vancouver, is a social housing facility for approx 85 residents.  What makes this policing news is that homelessness is already a significant problem in the area, and now there are 85 more people without a home, at least temporarily.  I’ve dealt with many of those who live in that hotel, and this will be very hard for them – hopefully their homes will be repaired and deemed ‘liveable’ again very soon.
  • HSBC Celebration of Light – what has been the biggest offshore fireworks competition in the world has ended it’s run after eighteen years.  Citing financial hardship, the event will not take place this year.  The event was an enjoyable family affair, even though it was heavily policed to keep the rowdies under control (our track record as a police department was a good one, as there were fewer and fewer problems each year).  The fireworks will be missed. 
  • I’m not even going to touch the cost of policing for the 2010 Olympic Games, so don’t ask.


Lower Mainland Shootings:

  • Monday, Feb 2, 2009 in Surrey – a man was shot in an apartment building and later died of his injuries
  • Tues, Feb 3, 2009 in Surrey – a man was shot and killed while sitting in his vehicle in the busy parking lot of Guildford Town Center Mall
  • Tues, Feb 3, 2009 in Coquitlam – a woman was found dead in her vehicle, parked on a residential street, of apparent gunshot wounds
  • This is all on top of five other incidents involving eight other people over the last two weeks.  In the other incidents, one man was shot and killed, while the other seven escaped death.
  • Chief Constable Bob Rich of the Abbotsford Police Department announced the unusual step of having two well-known brother ‘gangsters’ followed by a marked police car where ever they go, in the hopes of heading off another public shooting.  Chief Rich was quoted as saying the brothers bring a huge risk to the community as there are those who want the brothers dead.  The Vancouver Sun newspaper has good coverage on this story.


Weird News from Overseas:

  • Police in Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of armed robbery.  Yes, you read that right, and you probably had the same the reaction I did…what the heck?  It had something to do with witchcraft. For full details, read the article posted on Rueters.


Blog News:

  • The VPD was kind enough to do a media release for this blog.  Everyone was interested in my partner, Hondo, so I was able to relax and let him take over.  The Vancouver Sun posted part of the interview on their video site.  
  • Thank you to everyone who continues to read the blog, and for your comments and posts. 


That’s all for this week, everyone.  Have a good weekend, and stay safe.


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