The Vancouver Police Dog Squad


VPD Dog Squad

VPD Dog Squad


Our uniforms, with their subdued shoulder flashes, are always covered in dog hair.  If it’s been a busy shift, our pant legs are likely dotted with mud, and we’ll have baseball caps jammed on our heads to contain our hair (if we have any) and to keep the Vancouver rain out of our eyes.   A mud-splattered uniform means we’ve been working hard and enjoying every second of it.  As far as we’re concerned there is no better job within the Vancouver Police Department.

Such is the life of a police dog handler. 

Nose prints on the insides of the truck windows.  The plates of stolen cars written across the backs of our hands.  Three different police radios chattering at the same time.  An eye always to the road, watching for anything untoward.    All of these are a daily occurrence for those of us fortunate enough to work alongside four-legged partners.  The dogs, regardless if they are trained to look for people, property, drugs, bombs or firearms, are the reason for our job satisfaction.   

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – if you ask any handler who his or her best partner has been, you will get the same answer, “My dog.” 

Formed in 1959 with the addition of four dogs to the department, the Dog Squad now has an authorized strength of eighteen handler/dog teams.  At the moment, there are seventeen active working dogs:

Ace, Blade, Blix, Bosco, Des, Diesel, Gus, Hondo, Jag, Jet, Knight, Magnum, Nash, Shack, Storm, Teak and Turbo

The other two dogs who made a part of the team have very recently retired from duty – Bear and Raider.  All of these dogs have their own Collector Cards – if you see a dog handler out in the city, please feel free to ask them for a trading card.

For more information on the police dogs of the VPD, please visit the Dog Squad website.  For more stories from inside the Dog Squad and other sections of the VPD, stay tuned…

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