This Week in Policing – Jan. 23, 2009

Where on earth do I start?

Well, the bridge has been the biggest local news, and hot the heels of the bridge is Vancouver’s week in policing:

  • Pattullo Bridge fire – one of the wooden trestles under the south section of one of the Lower Mainland’s busiest bridges caught fire early in the morning on Sunday, Jan.18th.  Police are still investigating the cause of the fire, and the bridge will remain closed until at least early February.  Oh dear.  That means 80,000+ commuters having to find an alternative route into work.
  • HOMICIDE UPDATE– 30 year old AAron Juhani Yliruusi has been charged with 2nd degree murder in relation to a homicide that took place in Vancouver on January 11, 2009.  For details, check the Media Releases page under date 09.01.20
  • It pains me to write this, but three police officers from different departments are now under investigation by the Vancouver Police after they were allegedly involved in an altercation early in the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 21/09.  Again, full details of the investigation to this point can be read on the Media Releases page of the VPD.

In policing news from around the Lower Mainland:

  • Jamie Bacon, a man well known to police, was the target of an apparent gang-land style shooting on Wednesday.  He managed to escape serious injury, but the time and location of the shooting have raised concerns among the public and the police.  Bacon was shot at while sitting in his car at a busy Abbotsford intersection at 3:50 pm in the afternoon. An innocent bystanders car was struck by a stray bullet, and it’s a miracle no one else was injured,  For the full story, see the article written by Kim Bolan of The Vancouver Sun newspaper.
  • the Robert Dziekanski inquiry is under way.  I’ll be paying attention to how this one plays out.

The Barack Obama inauguration – this one is just plain NEWS from south of the border.  Wow.  I just hope he can deliver what he’s promised.

On a lighter note, all of the members of the VPD’s Dog Squad gathered together on Monday in the park next to Science World for the annual team photo.  There was a lot of barking, but by the end of it, we were able to get all eighteen dogs together just in time for the fog to break, and our photographers were able to get some great shots.  I’ll try to post one here once we’ve decided on which photo to use.

That’s it for this week, everyone.  Have a good weekend, and stay safe.


PSD Nitro, RIP  – we have not forgotten

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