Bait Cars

‘Bait cars are everywhere’  – Trust me on this one.

The Vancouver Police Department launched its Bait Car program in 2002, in partnership with the Insurance Corporation of BC and ECOMM (Emergency Communications Southwest BC).  Since then, almost every one of the eighteen K9 Teams with the VPD have encountered and arrested a suspect involved in a Bait Car incident.  A few cases of note:

  • A suspect broke into a Bait Car and was verbally challenged by the dog handler.  The suspect made the wise decision and surrendered to the police dog.
  • A suspect stole a Bait Car, drove it a distance, then parked and walked away prior to police arrival.  K9 showed up and tracked the suspect down.
  • Another suspect stole a Bait Car, was followed by police who disabled the car.  When the car came to a stop, the suspect tried to run and was arrested by the police dog.

The list goes on and on, and there have been several great arrests as a result of the program.   Now, there is a province wide Bait Car program which can be visited at  Their site lists stolen cars, auto theft prevention tips, links to other useful sites, and several videos of actual Bait Car activations. 

The following video, ‘ONCOMING’, is of a man who, high on methamphetamine, steals a Bait Car, dry fires a handgun, and hits several other cars before abandoning the freshly stolen truck.  He was later arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to a lengthy jail term.  The video is chilling, and at just over four minutes long, it’s worth watching.


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