This Week in Policing – Jan. 2, 2009

The last week of 2008 was a cold one. 

There was a major robbery at a jewellry auction,  a suspect wanted by Penticton RCMP for seriously assaulting his elderly grandparents was arrested in Vancouver, and there were several assaults in downtown’s Entertainment District (most of these were fueled by alcohol). 

The 89th Annual Polar Bear swim at English Bay was another great success, with a crowd of barely-dressed people braving the frigid waters of the West Coast.  Brrr.  Members of the VPD were on hand to ensure the event remained suitable as a ‘family affair’, and with only a few problems it was a good time had by all. 

Overall, the cold weather and snow made for what felt like a slow week.  Driving anywhere was a challenge, and the side streets were next to impossible to navigate.  So while the police were driving at a snails pace all over town, the black ice and snowbanks had the same effect on criminals. 

One home invasion suspect (from a neighboring jurisdiction) fled the scene of his crime earlier this week, only to crash his stolen get-away car a short distance away.  Remember my ‘bad things happen in three’s’ rule?  This suspect should have stayed home that morning instead of going out to do crime – he crashed the get-away car in the ice and snow and suffered serious injuries (bad things one and two).  When police responded to the accident and found out it involved the get-away car, the suspect was arrested (bad thing number three), and taken to hospital.

To end on a humorous note, the following video is a perfect example of my frustration in trying to drive through the streets – all in the pursuit of justice.



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