The Year in Review

As 2008 comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting back on the people I have met and the situations I have experienced over the last twelve months.

When taken at face value, I’ve had an exciting year, but really, when is policing NOT exciting?  There have been car chases, ERT (SWAT) deployments, and take-downs.  The lights and sirens of ‘Code Three’ driving are a part of my daily routine, and my bond with PSD Hondo grows deeper with every passing week.  Some of the people whom the Dog Squad helped put behind bars were really unpleasant, and there is great satisfaction in knowing the VPD is making this world a safer place.

That said, my memories of 2008 are like flipping through a book of snapshots – here is a quick look at some of the pages:

  • the young blind boy with the radiant smile, his hands running through Hondo’s fur
  • the tears of gratitude from a man when we located his missing elderly mother
  • seeing a litter of eight-week-old German Shepherd ‘police dog hopefuls’ and wanting to take them all home 
  • moving into the temporary Dog Squad building and actually having my own locker room
  • being proud when another handler and his dog had a successful capture (yes, maybe there was a little envy in there too…)
  • driving Code Three through rush hour traffic and wishing the cars ahead of me would pull to the side
  • running behind Hondo as he tracked a robbery suspect
  • the sound of Air One (the police helicopter) in the air above us
  • having a suspect throw his hands in the air and surrender when he saw the police dog
  • the capture of an armed suspect after a vehicle pursuit into another jurisdiction
  • every shift, when Hondo stuck his head between the seats of my SUV and nuzzled my elbow

The officers of the VPD are truly good people, and the guys in the Dog Squad are top shelf.  2008 was a great year, and I’m looking forward to another with 2009.  To all of you – have a safe and Happy New Year!

Constable Sandra Glendinning and PSD Hondo

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